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Tasty Seasoning Kit: 5 Seasonings Created by McCormick

Tasty Seasoning Kit: 5 Seasonings Created by McCormick

Meet the spices in the Kit:

  • Fiery: a smokin'-hot blend of sriracha, lime and garlic
  • Zesty: lemon, thyme and basil to give your taste buds a truly good thyme
  • Hearty: a delish blend of garlic, red bell pepper and paprika
  • Jazzy: green bell pepper, paprika, garlic and all that jazz
  • Savory: a drool-worthy mix of tomato, basil and oregano

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Whether you’re a culinary novice, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between, the Tasty Seasoning Kit adds the perfect combination of flavors to all your favorite dishes. On a mission to banish blandness, we’re bringing you five seasonings that will put the Oo! in any food.

  • STACKS ON STACKS. Sleek design allows the spices to sit vertically or horizontally in your cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about your kitchen looking cluttered.
  • SPICE IT UP. Cook like a real adult and never eat a bland meal again! Grown-up cooks use more than just salt and pepper.
  • PRO LEVEL COOKING. Spend more time cooking and less time digging around the spice cabinet with these blends — specially concocted by the spice experts at McCormick and Tasty.
  • UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE RECIPES. Get recipe ideas at to use with your seasoning kit, and you’ll be cooking like a Tasty Chef in no time!