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McCormick Basil Leaves, 5 oz

McCormick Basil Leaves, 5 oz

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Carefully harvested basil is gently dried to retain its natural color, aroma and flavor. Essential in most tomato-sauced Italian dishes. Fresh flavor guaranteed.

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A staple in Mediterranean kitchens but used and loved throughout the world, our premium quality McCormick Whole Basil Leaves are fresh and gently dried to deliver maximum flavor to a variety of dishes. Use it by tossing basil leaves into your favorite tomato sauce or use it to spruce up a side salad. This fragrant, versatile herb is a bold addition to many dishes and a must-have for your spice cabinet.
  • Premium quality for pure, superior flavor
  • Aromatic member of the mint family with a deep, sweet, slightly peppery taste
  • Fresh flavor guarantee that delivers bold taste every time
  • Spice up your tomato sauce or pizza
  • Packaged in the USA


Basil Leaves