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Lawry's® Colorful Coarse Ground Blend Seasoned Pepper, 2.25 oz


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Lawry's Coarse Ground Blend Seasoned Pepper brightens up and adds oomph to just about any dish. Featuring a jazzy blend of black pepper, sweet red bell peppers and natural spices, this coarse ground blend is a colorful, tastier alternative to plain black pepper. Use to season and spice up your favorite egg dishes by sprinkling on before, during or after cooking. Or use to add complex and full-bodied flavor to beef, chicken and fish dishes, as well as potatoes and vegetables.

Product Attributes

  • A delectable blend of black pepper, red bell peppers and natural spices
  • Features more flavor and color than ordinary pepper
  • No MSG
  • Great on beef, fish or chicken
  • Perfectly accents potatoes and vegetables

Nutrition Facts


Spices (Including Black Pepper, Paprika), Red Bell Pepper, and Sugar.