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NoSalt® Original Sodium-Free Salt Alternative, 11 oz


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Dial up the flavor of your favorite foods with this convenient sodium-free salt alternative: NoSalt® Sodium-Free Salt. Use it to season, cook and bake just like you would with regular table salt! NoSalt Sodium Free Salt Alternative can be used to reduce your daily sodium intake if used in place of table salt. Please note: Consult a physician before using any salt substitute.

Product Attributes

  • Convenient substitute for table salt
  • All the flavor without the sodium
  • Great for baking or seasoning while cooking
  • Enjoy anywhere you’d use table salt – vegetables, grilled meat, salad and more
  • Recommended for salt or sodium-restricted diets

Nutrition Facts


Potassium Chloride, Potassium Bitartrate, Adipic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Mineral Oil and Fumaric Acid.