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The TEN, by McCormick®


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Start fresh with The TEN, by McCormick®. This fun, giftable set is the perfect union of 10 everyday herbs and spices for every kitchen – from those just dipping their toes in the world of flavor, to seasoned vets. Each package has been designed in a way that’s easy to store and organize (check out the numbering system!)  – but looks so sleek you’ll want them on your counter, like, all the time. 

With pantry staples like aromatic basil and chili powder for a kiss of heat, the variety of dishes you can create – think pastas, salads, one-pan meals, and more – is limitless. For more ideas and inspiration, scan the QR code on the back of each pack to discover delicious recipes, spice pairings, exclusive videos, and more on the McCormick Flavor Maker App. Let’s put The TEN to work! 


  • Chili Powder / 1.37 oz
  • Ground Cinnamon / 1.40 oz
  • Crushed Red Pepper / 1.00 oz
  • Ground Cumin / 1.13 oz
  • Garlic Powder / 1.87 oz
  • Onion Powder / 1.59 oz
  • Oregano Leaves / 0.42 oz
  • Paprika / 1.20 oz
  • Parsley Flakes / 0.28 oz
  • Basil Leaves / 0.46 oz

All containers are plastic. 

Product Features

  • Giftable set of 10 everyday herbs and spices
  • Perfect gift for every level of cook, from college students to seasoned chefs
  • Vibrant design with a number system for easy herb and spice organization
  • Makes creating a variety of meals easy and fun
  • Easy, approachable way to dial up the flavor in salads, sheet-pan meals, and more
  • Download and visit the McCormick Flavor Maker app for ideas and inspiration