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McCormick® Ground Nutmeg, 1 lb


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The sweet warmth of McCormick Ground Nutmeg will transform your sweet and savory dishes. Used around the world, nutmeg deserves a place in your kitchen. Add it to scalloped potatoes or creamed spinach. Nutmeg is also an essential spice for sweet dishes like rice pudding, gingerbread, or pumpkin pie. Or stir McCormick Ground Nutmeg into mulled wine or cider. Any way you use it, nutmeg will never fail to impress.

Product Features

  • A distinct, nutty sweetness that warms up sweet and savory dishes
  • Premium quality for pure, superior flavor
  • Fresh flavor guarantee that delivers bold taste every time
  • Beloved around the world: used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean cuisines
  • Works just as well in potato dishes as it does in eggnog or gingerbread

Nutritional Facts

This product has no significant nutritional value.