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Frank's RedHot® Dip'n Sauce Variety Pack, 3ct

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Bring the heat with Frank's RedHot® Dip’n Sauce Multi-Pack of Buffalo Ranch, Sweet & Tangy Golden and Roasted Garlic varieties. Thicker than regular hot sauce, they deliver craveable flavors to all that’s on your plate. Dip and dunk your favorite foods like nuggets, onions rings, fries, pizza and vegetables into Dip'n Sauces. Buffalo Ranch Sauce is the ultimate blend of flavor and heat from Frank’s RedHot and the creaminess of ranch dressing. Sweet & Tangy Golden Sauce is a smoky and sweet twist on the iconic Carolina Gold BBQ sauce with just the right amount of RedHot heat. Roasted Garlic Sauce is a savory and mouthwatering blend of roasted garlic and RedHot flavor. And, you’ll have no messes with the easy-to-use, inverted grip bottles.

Product Features

  • Frank's RedHot Dip'n Sauces are thick and clingy with major dip-ability
  • Condiment variety pack with 3 craveable flavors
  • Dip'n Sauce flavors: Buffalo Ranch, Sweet & Tangy Golden and Roasted Garlic
  • Buffalo Ranch blends Buffalo sauce with the creaminess of ranch dressing
  • Sweet & Tangy Golden is smoky and sweet with a kick of cayenne heat
  • Roasted Garlic has savory, garlicky heat that takes it up a notch



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