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Lawry's® Seasonings Variety Pack, 4ct


A shake of any of the 4 Seasonings in this variety pack from Lawry's® makes mealtime magic with minimal effort. Add bold flavor to chicken, steak, pork, pasta, burgers, seafood, potatoes, veggies and more with these flavors: Seasoned Cajun, Hot Garlic Parmesan, Jerk and Salt & Pepper Vinegar Artificially Flavored. Add a spicy kick with Seasoned Cajun Seasoning, a blend of paprika, red pepper, garlic & onion. Hot Garlic Parmesan Seasoning brings a little heat, some garlicky flavor & a sprinkle of cheese - you don’t need much more from a seasoning! Jerk Seasoning adds spicy island flavor with robust red pepper, thyme & allspice. Can’t get enough of the salt ‘n vinegar flavor combo? Craveable Salt & Pepper Vinegar Seasoning will bring you joy.