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McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder, 1 oz


Enjoy freshly ground pepper wherever you need it with this McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder. This pantry staple adds fresh, bold flavor to almost any dish. Simply twist the built-in grinder to add just the right amount of pepper. You can even select fine, medium or coarse grind. Freshly ground, pepper delivers enhanced flavor and aroma to tossed salads or steamed veggies. Also, you can rub pepper on beef, chicken or pork, or sprinkle on pasta, salads, vegetables or soups. Black pepper is one of the most versatile spices in the world and this grinder will be there for you when you need it.

Product Features

  • Black pepper with a sharp, earthy flavor and aroma
  • Adjustable grinder conveniently offers coarse, medium or fine grind; not refillable
  • McCormick Seasoning Grinder glass bottles are recyclable; remove grinder head first
  • To use: remove cap, adjust grinder to desired grind, turn upside down and twist
  • Use coarse grind for bold texture and flavor in meat rubs
  • Use finer grind to sprinkle over eggs, pasta, salads, vegetables or soups


Black Pepper