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McCormick Salad Toppins Crunchy & Flavorful 3.75 OZ


McCormick Crunchy and Flavorful Salad Toppins™ is great for taking classic salads to new levels. This flavorful topping is also a welcome addition in chicken salad, tuna salad and pasta salad too. The satisfying crunch of sunflower seeds, crisp rice, onion, and carrots provide a wonderful, tasty texture in any dish. This topping also adds an unusual twist to baked or mashed potatoes.

Product Features

  • Crunchy and flavorful mix featuring sunflower seeds and crisp rice
  • Made with real vegetables
  • Adds texture along with the taste of bell peppers and carrots
  • Sprinkle over tossed salads, tuna salad, chicken salad or omelets.
  • FUN FACT: For pasta salad, mix with cooked pasta, veggies, red onion and Italian dressing


Sunflower Seeds, Soybeans, Textured Soy Protein, Rice, Onion, Canola Oil, Carrot, Sugar, Salt, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Parsley, Caramel Color, Malted Barley, Lactic Acid, Yeast Extract, Natural & Artificial Flavor, FD&C Red 3, Extractives of Rosemary (Antioxidant) & Disodium Inosinate and Guanylate (Flavor Enhancer).