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McCormick® Smoked Paprika, 1.75 oz


McCormick® Smoked Paprika is made from smoked and dried sweet peppers to produce a paprika with distinctive flavor. It adds delicious depth to Spanish dishes, like paella, as well as meats, potatoes, sauces and stews. Smoked paprika blends full flavor and rich color with a hint of smoke. Sprinkle on scrambled eggs or tomato soup, or onto chicken, fish or pork. It adds smoky intensity to seasoning rubs for heartier cuts of meat for roasting or grilling. Get creative and add this irresistible smoky-sweet taste to chili, sweet potatoes, beans, dips, roasted vegetables and meatless dishes. The spice’s brilliant red color makes it a bold garnish for deviled eggs and potato salad or mix with sea salt for a unique rimming salt for cocktails.

Product Attributes

  • Fruity, slightly sweet and toasty flavor
  • Vivid red color makes it the perfect garnish for deviled eggs and pasta salads
  • Always starts with whole, ripe peppers
  • Add to Hungarian favorites like chicken paprikash and goulash
  • Use paprika as base for your own spice rubs for barbecued meats
  • Adds sweet pepper flavor and bright color to roasted potatoes and vegetables


Paprika and Silicon Dioxide (to Make Free Flowing).